Never Giving Up On Your Dreams

In a world where so much is going wrong i can’t help but still find time to be inspired by people who in the face of everything never seem to give up on their dreams. So here is some advice i believe is worth remembering.

1: You had a dream once, If you have laid it to rest for a while it’s time to get it out the closet and wake it up. God knows the world needs some dreamers right now so stop wasting time and get other people inspired

2: The shit is going to hit the fan, Deal with it. You have to keep going no matter how hard things get. Your vision deserves s journey worthy of speaking about.

3: Learn the lessons. Life is a teacher and the lessons never stop coming. If you are fed up of learning then you are fed up of life. Take some time to refresh your perspective on life.

4: Laugh with life. A sense of humour is a quality many possess. Learn to laugh with life again and if you can learn to laugh at yourself as much as possible. The world loves a good giggle. And it clears tha air.

5: Be humble while still being courageous. humility in the face of adversity will help you overcome those challenges that others find it easy to place on you. Stay humble but keep focused on being that strong person you know you are.

6: Protect what matters most to you. If you are part of something special and you care about it. Make sure you protect it with love and strength. Love to let it grow. And strength to stop it from suffering needlessly.

7: Discover your purpose. When you discover your purpose, give it so much passion that you laugh every day with life and the ones you love, so much so that every night you fall asleep smiling.

8: Stop looking for the meaning of life. It’s time you and me and everyone else stopped looking for the manifestations of galactic wonders. We are all here to give meaning not get it. You give meaning to the world when you smile and laugh and cry and fall. When you rise and conquer and define your life by never giving up on your dreams. Life demands so much of you. With good reason. It see’s the wonder of the universe within you and wishes you could too. So it sends you little whispers of destiny to help you on your journey. These little whispers are the fabric of hope and have the power to change the direction of your life. You dont’ get meaning my friend you give it. And what you give in this life you get to keep in your heart.

You are and you always have been someone worth fighting for! Maybe it’s time you remembered that!



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