Never Giving Up On Your Dreams

In a world where so much is going wrong i can’t help but still find time to be inspired by people who in the face of everything never seem to give up on their dreams. So here is some advice i believe is worth remembering.

1: You had a dream once, If you have laid it to rest for a while it’s time to get it out the closet and wake it up. God knows the world needs some dreamers right now so stop wasting time and get other people inspired

2: The shit is going to hit the fan, Deal with it. You have to keep going no matter how hard things get. Your vision deserves s journey worthy of speaking about.

3: Learn the lessons. Life is a teacher and the lessons never stop coming. If you are fed up of learning then you are fed up of life. Take some time to refresh your perspective on life.

4: Laugh with life. A sense of humour is a quality many possess. Learn to laugh with life again and if you can learn to laugh at yourself as much as possible. The world loves a good giggle. And it clears tha air.

5: Be humble while still being courageous. humility in the face of adversity will help you overcome those challenges that others find it easy to place on you. Stay humble but keep focused on being that strong person you know you are.

6: Protect what matters most to you. If you are part of something special and you care about it. Make sure you protect it with love and strength. Love to let it grow. And strength to stop it from suffering needlessly.

7: Discover your purpose. When you discover your purpose, give it so much passion that you laugh every day with life and the ones you love, so much so that every night you fall asleep smiling.

8: Stop looking for the meaning of life. It’s time you and me and everyone else stopped looking for the manifestations of galactic wonders. We are all here to give meaning not get it. You give meaning to the world when you smile and laugh and cry and fall. When you rise and conquer and define your life by never giving up on your dreams. Life demands so much of you. With good reason. It see’s the wonder of the universe within you and wishes you could too. So it sends you little whispers of destiny to help you on your journey. These little whispers are the fabric of hope and have the power to change the direction of your life. You dont’ get meaning my friend you give it. And what you give in this life you get to keep in your heart.

You are and you always have been someone worth fighting for! Maybe it’s time you remembered that!



The Human Mind Reactiv8ed – Unlimitted Possibilities

The Human Mind Reactiv8ed – Unlimitted Possibilities

I believe that when we are not working at our full potential it is becasue of a very simple reason.

We are not Reactiv8ed and not emotionally focused on our goal.


This post is a short one to remind you of just how important it is to find something that ignites your passion and fuels your desire. When you are focused and have a massive belief in this focus you will find it easier to become Reactiv8ed and stay sharp on the path of discovery

Look at what happend to the world greatest scientists today after years of focus and staying Reactiv8ed


Stay focused and stay Reactiv8ed



Top Ten Mentors

My Top 10 online business mentors


And why?


By Steve Beedie


1. Frank Kern

Who can deny the top spot to Mr Frank Kern. Without a doubt he has inspired me more to become a great marketer. He never said he would make me money. He never promised anything he couldn’t do. And he never tried to be anything he wasn’t. Frank has always been a great influence to me. Back in 2005 when I was straight out of the army he was the first person I ever found when I started this journey. Way back before web 2.0 and all that stuff I was struggling to start a new life. Along came this long haired dude who spoke like Matthew McConaughey and behaved like a real person. Well real as in he wasn’t trying to be my “friend” just to get in my wallet. I couldn’t afford his products at the time and so I watched his videos and read his emails and articles and when ever he launched a new product I would take notes for hours! His free stuff was better than most “gurus” stuff that was out there! So today when Frank shares his wisdom I still take notes. I think I always will. Frank keeps it real, raw, and really funny.




      1. Chris Farrell


Chris was such an easy person to like. He never asked me to buy his material he simply gave me loads of ideas to implement while I was struggling with the technical side of things. After building my trust and then a friendship Chris was my first Mentor. I became (and still am) part of his membership site. A true marketers resource in my mind. I then purchased his mentor-ship product which totally changed my marketing ideas and brought me to a new level. Chris really helped me to believe in my ability to tackle the complicated things about marketing and website wizardry. I am and always will be a loyal fan.




      1. Brendon Burchard


I am a massive reader and love to take time to read a good book. (I average about 40 a year) so when Life’s Golden Ticket was released I knew it would be good! But to my pleasant surprise I became a massive fan of Brendons’ message and his online videos were a game changer for me. They we’re the type I wanted to do. His total energy and drive fuelled my own ambition and desire to make a difference to peoples lives and I continue to speak in public and use simple video web pages to deliver my own messages. I also believe he is a world leader and his efforts to help bring a more inspired message to people is something we can all aim to learn from. Thanks Brendon.




      1. Rich Schefren


Rich Schefrens e-books were such a helpful tool for understanding how to impact your business and also your idea about business in the 21st century. (if you haven’t read them what have you been doing) I loved how he took a massive problem and gave it a simple solution. I have used Rich’ ideas in my offline efforts and they really help my customers to get a huge boost in value. Rich really helps you to believe that you are a true entrepreneur and not just a website owner. This idea that because we own a website makes us business owners is a killer for so many of us marketers. After reading his e-books I knew my thinking had to change, forever.



      1. Jason Moffatt


Jason is such a nice guy. He is so down to earth and friendly but he knows his Shit. Jason came into my marketing life when I was struggling. I had achieved a massive goal I my life and had became a bit stagnant. My flow was ebbing and my chi was not erm “cheeing”. So I was browsing around and decided to think outside the box. I found a video of Jason talking at mass control and thought what they hell. After 10 seconds I was hooked. He captivated my attention and helped me remember that “cant” is not a word I am used to using! I had been stuck in a rut of my own creation and realised I had all the answers I needed. I just had to stop thinking and using my excuses. I then got to know Jason more and ended up becoming part of one of his groups. He is a real honest cool person.



      1. John Reese


John Reese is a legend. Not because he interviewed Tony Robbins but because he made me understand that it must all start from the desire to make that first $1. The idea that if you make just one dollar your mindset will change forever! Using the internet to make money is an often hard road for many people who are not used to it! So believing you can make $1m has to start with $1 dollar first! His ideas really brought it home to me. Get that first pebble moving. Keep it real and keep it simple! I was trying to complicate everything! Get this perfect and that perfect. Not focusing on the real stuff kept me from doing anything until I watched him describe how to start from a place of simplicity. John thanks for that!



      1. Rosh Khan


Rosh is such a nice man. His shift from a doctor to an online marketer is proof that you can change and become what you desire to be. His ideas of social media are so cool and innovative they have been received from world leaders such as Jack Canfield and are very current. The markets are changing so fast and Rosh used this to his advantage to create one of the most impressive social media companies out there. But you would be mistaken if you thought he wasn’t a man to take time to share his thoughts and ideas and also just take time to chat to you about anything and everything! He really gets it when it comes to building a relationship. He is a good friend and always helps to watch and learn from him!



      1. Jo Barnes


Jo is by far my favourite lady on the internet. Her rise to a social media leader is one worth watching. Another fellow student of Chris Farrell Jo is proof that if you dedicate your self to learning and skill development you can achieve massive results. Jo is very nice and friendly no matter what your query. She is a very busy girl and still finds the time to bring us a world of cool ideas and products that really help you. Jo is one to watch. She has been a real gem when it comes to learning and harnessing the facebook game and also other social tools. Without her many people would be lost in a media mess. Thanks Jo



      1. John Carlton


John is one of my favourite people online. He is such a bad ass dude who plays guitar and lives life by his own rules. His amazing copy writing skill is world class. I have learned so much from him through out the last few years. As a word smith myself (author) I agree with his ideas that not writing to make money but writing to make a difference in peoples lives is what matters. Johns work always helps before anything else! He has such a genuine care for people and it shows. He keeps things simple yet he gives you complex things to think about while bringing the best out of you. There are not many people out there in the market who are like this. With so many people trying to take he is one of the few who gives! A true gent!


      1. Mike Keonigs


Mike is one in a million. He isn’t just a cool marketing genius but he is a real person who wants to make a genuine difference to the people of this world. His plans for using renewable resources in his own life and the lives of others in very brave! He brings a fresh approach to online business that not many can bring. He always makes it fun and easy to learn. He involves other people all the time in his efforts to show us how to accomplish things and he even brings his wife who is just as friendly into the videos he shares which I totally respect. Mike is a real visionary and he will be for years to come. Thanks Mike for helping to pave the way for us!




So this is my top ten! I know there are many more “gurus” out there who I could have placed in my list but these are the people who inspire me the most. They are the people who don’t just spek to me when my wallet is open but when my guard is open! They invited me in to their little worlds of Non-marketing stuff and shared time with me! Shared ideas about what cool books to read (not business books, just normal stuff worth reading for fun)


These are my mentors and my friends. They are people to me not leaders who I only like to listen to when they are describing the new thing or new idea. They are who I like to listen to when I am bored and just browsing online for fun! They share what they are doing and what is going on in their lives and it’s cool to hang out with them!


Of course I might not be a world class leader right now in the sense of “guru” leader but I know one day I will find my way just as these leaders have! It’s not a question of “Will I?” you become who you surround yourself with in this world. And I believe I am around great people!


Thanks for reading!


Let me know if you enjoyed it!


Steve Beedie


Hello world!

Home, Well mines all clean and feeling nice! Hows yours?

Anyway apart from that little jibe i thought it would be cool to say Hello to you and thank you for stopping by. Your always welcome as long as you don’t get upset at my occasinoal mispeling! I’m really not into the perfect thing!

If you are into getting more out of yourself today that you did yesterday then we will get on fine! If your waiting on me to provide all the muck and muscle to your problems then you had better go visit one of them places that tell you your perfect. And need to only look in the mirror to solve all your problems!

Life is a reflection on your mindest but sitting staring at it won’t get much done! You can ponder about it all you want! There is just too much cool stuff to be doing to sit around waiting for it! Im off to grab it with both hands! This blog is all about how we can achieve much much more than success! It’s about reactiv8ing that inner drive and passion and using it to make the world and our lives a greater place to play in!